I’m a home cook that began a journey for the quest for flavor without compromising the true essence of the dish.

My late grandmother looked at cooking and sewing as survival skills.  She told me "boy you better learn how to cook and sew because you may end-up with a woman that can't cook or sew, and you will end-up eating a jelly sandwich with holes in your britches."  My passion for cooking started at the age of 6 years old when my late mother showed me the basic art of cooking and my grandmother gave me the opportunity to harness my new found skills.  I went from making grilled cheese sandwiches to blackened salmon with risotto.  

My daughter and I made our first rub, Memphis BBQ Rub, which is special to my heart because this was the beginning of Major Flavor Seasonings.  With the support  from my loving wife and daughter, Major Flavor Seasonings continued to provide our customers with bold flavors.

Our mission is to guide you on the quest on making flavor once again major, which is the most important part of a meal.  Seasonings are meant to enhance the flavor of the meal and not to cover it.  We can help you with rediscovering flavor in your meals here at Major Flavor Seasonings where the flavor is always MAJOR. 

Major Flavor Seasonings is a family-owned company with a goal to provide bold flavors using only premium ingredients to enhance the flavor palate.  Our all natural gourmet spice blends will take you on journeys to create mouth watering recipes for various occasions and everyday meal plans.  Our gourmet spices are:

    •    All Natural

    •    No Preservatives

    •    No Additives

    •    No MSG

    •    Vegan Friendly

    •    Bold Flavors